Great Rehearsal March 12th!

Great Rehearsal March 12th!
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Posted By: Pamela Lee
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Date Posted: Wed, Mar 13 2024
We're having more and more fun at our rehearsals each week!  Bill has a great way of teaching which is alowing us to learn the songs faster.  That's a good thing as we have an agressive schedule to rebuild our repertoire of songs so that we can plan some sing-outs and shows in the coming months.  It was great to have Hannah back as Tenor after her bad cold kept her away a few weeks.  Frankie was able to return as well to the lead section where we've really missed her voice.  Last week's guest, Chere' returned and I hope will consider joining as a member!  Trudi was also back in the baritone section and has decided to become a member.  Kara was back as a Lead as well.  This time of year had several out sick, but we hope those members and guests will return soon.

Starting next week, we are moving up our start time to 6 pm instead of 6:30 pm.  We'll see how this goes for a couple weeks and will decide whether to make the change permanent.