We're on Our Way!

We're on Our Way!
Type of post: Chorus news item
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Posted By: Pamela Lee
Status: Current
Date Posted: Wed, Nov 8 2023
WOW! After a week off we had 16 last night at rehearsal (and a couple couldn't come because of illness). Loads of laughter with our 90's warm-up video as we tried to follow the dance steps. I'm so proud of everyone as most were off paper already and after sectionals we are sounding like a unit in each section! Great blend of voices too.

BGail Hillyer from Northwest Harmony visited to give Kim a hand with improving her directing skills and helping us with our dynamics. She's always fun to work with and everyone enjoyed her input.

We're getting excited about our holiday show with Rogue Voices, now less than a month away on Dec 2nd. It looks like most of our holiday singers are wanting to join the chorus and start working on music for a Spring show. We're so pleased to have them! Such a great start to rebuilding our wonderful group of singing friends.